What my wonderful clients are saying

“I began my healing journey with Annika when after 2 years, I still had some minor health issues I couldn’t shake. Working closely with her gave me the opportunity to have someone from the outside look closely at my daily dietary habits and give insight on the things I was missing. She stepped in at the right time in my life when I didn’t have a great foundation for wellness and healing myself. In each session, Annika patiently listened as we reviewed any areas of my life that might be disruptive to the healing path. Nurturing and completely non-judgmental, I knew I had her in my corner for support. Incredibly approachable and easy to reach, she was there to answer questions, give recipes, or ideas, and help me through any obstacles that came my way. Her encouragement has kept me going through it all. Now looking back on all the progress I have made, I am grateful for all the care and positivity she gave me when I couldn’t find it for myself. My wellness journey and I are incredibly appreciative of her work. Thank you, Annika.”


“I went through a challenging medical (cancer) diagnosis in 2018. Part of my treatment required me to go on a strict diet and I was overwhelmed. I barely knew how to cook myself a simple meal and for 2 weeks, I would be required to prepare all my own meals. I reached out to Annika thanks to the recommendation of a friend. We met to discuss my health history and to review the information my doctors had provided for me. Together, Annika and I discussed what fears I had and how we could prepare 2 weeks’ worth of meals with the goal that this would jumpstart a new relationship for me with cooking food. Annika talked to me on a weekly basis and was always available for questions or concerns that came up during the months we worked together. Furthermore, she provided me with the recipes, cooking instructions, and grocery lists I needed to get started. Over time, I lost the fear I had and gained curiosity to discover new ingredients and recipes. Annika listened and guided me to develop my own relationship with food that was based on nutrition and enjoyment. I’m forever grateful to the support Annika provided to me during this challenging time and would recommend her to anyone who wants to learn and grow and develop a healthier relationship with cooking and food.”


“Annika has a very warm and friendly “bedside manner” – she’s completely approachable and demystified the whole nutrition and health experience for me. I found Annika’s approach to be very comprehensive, particularly with looking at eating patterns, nutritional understanding and History. Annika will never force you to like a food or cook if you don’t want to – she’s completely non-judgmental and meets you where you are. Our work together impacted my life in a big way, and magically, I fell in love with the grocery store! It’s a place I used to dread. I also learned to cook lots of meals – easily. And I particularly liked how all her recipes are very easy to prepare. You feel a lot better as soon as you incorporate her advice. I learned to find my favorite foods and alter things to fit more nutritional guidelines, which to me is the best part. I think Annika really emphasized enjoying the process. And taking it step by step!”


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