10 Healthy Snacks and Treats

 You know the feeling when you suddenly want to eat a whole bag of chips or cookies? We have all been there. In this post, I am giving you healthy alternatives to satisfy cravings. But before I do there is an important note to make. Having cravings a lot is a sign that something is not quite right.

First of all, you need to evaluate the following:

Are you just hungry? Starting to snack in between meals or instead of meals is not a good idea. Eating balanced meals throughout the day is a much better idea. So check in with your diet and evaluate all of your meals (yes breakfast too!)Are you giving your body enough nutrients? If you need help in that department I got you. Schedule a 1-time consultation with me or join one of my large programs.

There is a lot more to cravings, but more about that in another blog post. But with that being said, who doesn’t love to snack sometimes. I believe that snacks and treats still play an important roll in a balanced diet to not feel deprived. So let’s take a look at my favorite healthy snacks and treats.

1. Coconut Yogurt with Fruit

This is a healthy and delicious snack to satisfy sugar cravings plus it will give you a boost of probiotics. Opt for a coconut yogurt without additives (preferably simply coconut and probiotics). Use your favorite fruits or berries that are in season. You can also add a bit of honey for extra sweetness and cinnamon or cardamom to jazz it up.

2. Plantain Chips with Guacamole

Dipping plantain chips into homemade guac is one of my favorite snacks. Perfect for a movie or game nights. You can either make the chips yourself or you can buy them in a store. Check the ingredient list: The less the better. The quality of the oil that is used to make the chips matters a lot. Coconut oil and avocado oil are the best choices.

3. Kale chips

I know it doesn’t sound that good but please give it a try if you haven’t yet. I couldn’t believe how delicious kale chips are. They are super nutritious and also easy to make at home. This is the best way to satisfy the feeling of eating something crunchy and salty while amping up your veggie intake.

4. Tuna Apple Dip with Sliced Veggies

I love this tuna apple dip.  Not only is it extremely delicious, but it is also packed with protein, and therefore very filling, and makes for a great healthy snack. You can enjoy it with your favorite sliced veggies or grain-free crackers.

5. Dips

Talking about dips – there is a whole variety of delicious dips that are the perfect snack options to satisfy cravings, for movie nights or when you have guests over. Try my cauliflower-garlic dip, avocado dip or yogurt herb dip. Sliced veggies are always a great option for dipping, but root vegetable chips, plantain chips, grain-free crackers, etc. are all great options.

6. Berries with Coconut Cream

One of the simplest ways to satisfy sugar cravings is to indulge in berries with coconut cream. Simply scoop out the solid part of full-fat canned coconut milk (you might have to refrigerate it overnight) and mix it with your favorite fresh or frozen berries. I normally don’t add honey but feel free to adjust to your taste. Here is a recipe for strawberries and cream.

7. Egg Salad and Eggs

If you can tolerate eggs then an egg salad is a delicious and healthy snack that is great to make ahead. If you feel extra fancy you can make deviled eggs and if you have no time, then boiling a few eggs and storing them in the fridge as a quick snack is a great option. Simply add some salt and pepper or mayo and enjoy a quick and healthy snack.

8. Healthy Banana Pudding

This is an actual dessert recipe – I am sure most of you are familiar with banana pudding. But this is the healthy version. Still super delicious but only using fruits and coconut cream. In just minutes you can whip up this healthy banana pudding, whenever you are craving a dessert.

9. Dark chocolate

Who doesn’t love a piece of chocolate? Chocolate can come with a lot of beneficial antioxidants. It is important what kind of chocolate though. Opt for dark chocolate 70% and up, as unprocessed as possible and without additives. Enjoy a piece and let it melt in your mouth instead of chewing it. That way you will be satisfied with just a few pieces.

10. Fruit and Veggies

This might be a no brainer but still worth mentioning. Especially once you cut down on sugar you will notice that the best desserts come straight from mother earth. A piece of fruit just by itself is the perfect snack and the same goes for veggies such as carrots, celery, cucumber, etc. If you want to switch it up, try diced apples with lime juice and a pinch of sea salt. The options are endless.

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