Renewable Energy

Photo by Carl Attard

I just signed up to use 100 % renewable energy (wind) and it will cost me approximately $5 extra a month! That’s one visit to Starbucks! So do yourself, our children our fellow species and our planet the favor and skip that one day of getting your coffee to go and sign up for this. For more info on climate change, I highly recommend watching “Before the flood” . Let’s say NO to fossil fuels and take actions. We can use our power as consumers every time we make a purchase or decision that may affect the environment. Change happens from the bottom up so let’s stand up and fight for our planet!!! If you need more reasons, read this, directly taken from Con Edison’s website:

“If just 10 percent of New York’s households purchased green power in conjunction with their electricity supply, it would prevent nearly three billion pounds of carbon dioxide, 13 million pounds of sulfur dioxide, and nearly four million pounds of nitrogen oxides from getting into our air each year.
By purchasing green power, you support the development of more facilities that generate electricity from renewable resources.”

If you have any suggestions for better providers and solutions please let me know. This is what I could find in my research

ConEdison Residential Enrollment

If you don’t live in NYC or the USA, I am sure you can find something where you live. All I did was googling “renewable energy NYC”.  Luckily we have access to the internet. Let’s use it in a positive way.


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